The perfect finishing touch for any room!  We stock a wide variety of beautiful rustic, north woods themed rugs to choose from by Mayberry Rugs and United Weavers Rugs.

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Adler Bear & Moose
Adler Moose & Bear rugs: neutral earth tones with moose and bear silhouettes, accented with pine tree and pine cone images.
Autumn rugs: don't be fooled by the name, we think these rugs fit any season!  With a warm beige background and a scattering of gentle blue, green, and brown leaves this style will add beauty to any space.
Bear Sighting
Bear Sighting rugs: a warm beige background with a black bear amidst gently bending branches of pine cones.
Bear Stone Burgundy
  Bear Stone Burgundy: deep burgundy red with black bears
Birch Bear
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Birch Bear rugs: deep, rich earth tones on a warm beige background surrounding a bear and pine trees.
Border Moose
Border Moose rugs: neutral tone with earthy greens, browns and a hint of red surrounding a moose silhouette and a hint of southwestern motif.
Broken Branch
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Broken Branch rugs: rich earth tone bordering a warm beige background with a pine cone and pine needle pattern.
Cabin Chalet
Cabin Chalet rugs: deep, rich earth tones in a rustic contemporary design.
Cades Cove
Cades Cove rugs: warm beige center with bears and pine trees surrounded by a clean, black border.
Evergreen rugs: pine cones and pine needles stand out against a warm, beige background.
Foliage Bear
Foliage Bear rugs: warm earth tones and swirling filigree surround a mother bear and her cub.
Following Mama
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Following Mama rugs: A rich and deep plaid border a heart-warming scene of bear cubs trailing behind a mother bear.
Homestead rugs: warm earth tones surrounded by a black border.  Multiple patterns with bears, leaves, trees and pinecones to match any decor in your home or cabin.
Mount le Conte
Mount le Conte: our best selling style!  Rich green with a subtle hint of red surround weaving branches of pine cones and pine needles with a warm beige center.
New Pinecone
New Pinecone rugs: warm, beige background and a simple yet elegant design of weaving twigs with pine needles and pine cones.
Novelty Rugs
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These novelty rugs are available in large and small sizes and can be used as rugs, or draped over furniture or beds for a whimsical, north woods feel.  Great for kids, and great for your inner kid!  Made of polyester fiber.
Papa Bear
Papa Bear rugs: a subtle plaid background give way to a large black bear walking amongst the pines.
Patchwork Lodge
Warm and multipatterned with bears, moose, deer, trees, lures, canoes, and snowshoes for a perfect rustic catch-all.
Timber Ridge
Timber Ridge rugs: deep rich bordering warm beige and a pattern of leaves and wildlife prints.
Toccoa rugs: warm beige background with a pattern of twigs, bears and pine trees.
Trophy Rack
Trophy Rack rugs: rich earth tones border a warm beige background that showcases an impressive set of antlers.

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